industrial architecture

Design and execution of works with high added value for various industries.

We have highly trained engineers and architects to serve a wide range of industries, such as Oil & Gas, Energy, Automotive, Transportation and Food.

Feasibility Study

Technical Consulting

Industrial Projects

Work planning

Construction supervision

Construction Management

Our expertise

  • EVTL: Technical expertise for industrial projects
  • Industrial projects: Development of tailor-made solutions
  • A.T.O.: Efficient technical operational support
  • Construction management: Experience in project management
  • Full knowledge and application of all the laws, decrees, standards, regulations and technical instructions inherent to each project.
  • Perfect integration with our clients from day zero, in search of the best solutions and cost benefits.
  • Engineering Management integrated with a focus on technology, functionality, safety, sustainability, operational integrity and durability. 

What our industrial clients say


"Space Plan's industrial project exceeded our expectations. Well-trained professionals ensured the efficiency and modernity we needed in our space."
Baker Hughes
"Space showed an understanding of the vision we had for retrofitting our office right from the contracting stage. Quick response, effective technical solutions, flexibility, transparency..."

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We apply innovative and solutions in our architectural projects to meet the specific needs of each client.

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We offer everything from moving to storage, with a space tailored to your furniture.

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We offer the same excellence found in our large corporate projects to meet small needs.

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