Corporate architecture

We are a company that carries out architectural projects that go far beyond architecture.

Our corporate projects transform the way our clients work. At Space Plan, we apply innovative and efficient solutions to the entire scale of the architectural project, meeting the specific needs of each client.

Our Methodology

  • 1
    Integrated project
  • 2
    Maximum supervision
  • 3
    Constant Contact
  • 4
    Planning and Costs
  • 5
    Single point of contact 
We ensure that the concept and design are preserved throughout the construction process.
Full-time on-site supervision and coordination of all those involved in the local activity.
Weekly reports that present technical updates and detailed information on the quality standards achieved in construction.
In-house planning and costing teams ensure that your project is carried out efficiently and within budget.
Focused communication facilitating workflow, security, risk assessment, approvals and purchasing.
Careful analysis of construction methods

Risk mitigation strategies

Mapping and managing critical challenges

Commitment to deadlines and budgets

Constant project optimization

Preparation of technical reports on demand

Trust and security

  • Weekly meetings: All the topics presented below will be discussed in weekly meetings, scheduled in advance with clients.
  • Cash Flow: Used throughout the process to ensure precise cash flow control with our clients.
  • Execution plan: We develop graphs to manage the activities carried out during the work week.
  • Reports: We prepare weekly photographic reports updating the progress of activities on site.
  • Your peace of mind is our commitment.
  • We offer additional security for your architectural projects and construction work. With our Zurich Professional Liability insurance, you can rest easy with an annual policy and an insured amount of R$5,000,000.00, at no extra cost.
  • Safety on site is more than a priority, it's a commitment.
  • We ensure the protection of everyone involved through clear safety signs, well-defined emergency routes and strict measures to create a safe working environment.

Turnkey 4.0

What is Turnkey 4.0?

With the new demands of the market, we believe that delivering architecture and the work no longer reflects the System TurnkeyThat's why we put all our business units, in an objective in common, transform the way your company work!

Unpacking the concept

O Turnkey 4.0 is an updated version of the traditional turnkey conceptwhere in addition to the conventional items, we work with focus on optimization of spaces, technological integrations and integrated logistics.


What our architecture clients say


"They are very strong in projects and have a very prepared execution team. We built two offices in 90 days, the first through Brainvest with 700m² and then with the company InVista with more than 160m² and in both cases we are very satisfied."
Brainvest and Invista
"Space was our partner of note 10 for all the work, design, execution and delivery of our office! It was super cool, I highly recommend them, they managed to deliver our work in record time. They are highly recommended by me and by everyone at Ipsos."
"Space showed an understanding of the vision we had for retrofitting our office right from the contracting stage. Quick response, effective technical solutions, flexibility, transparency... A wonderful partnership that met the challenging deadline and the high expectations of the office users. It was our first partnership, and I hope we'll have others!"

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We have professionals trained to work at industrial level in a wide range of sectors.

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We offer everything from moving to storage, with a space tailored to your furniture.

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Space ZIP

We offer the same excellence found in our large corporate projects to meet small needs.

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