We have transformed the way we work.

Space Plan is a leading company in enterprise architecture solutions, industrial and logistics services, including moving and storage. We also offer innovative technology solutions, including asset and inventory management applications, which help our clients transform the way they work.

Our figures

Years on the market

Architecture & construction, technology and logistics.


Space Plan has transformed different areas of activity.

Thousand m² implemented

From corporate interiors to industrial warehouses.

Thousand m³

Storage volume in our warehouses.

Our Philosophy

Transforming the way we work.


To be recognized as the most complete company in the market for defining and implementing the strategy for configuring companies' workspaces.


Empathy, Proximity, Connectivity, Integrity, Commitment, Sustainability, Respect, Health and Safety, High Performance, Diversity and Inclusion, Culture, Courage.


What customers say about us


"They are very strong in projects and have a very prepared execution team. We built two offices in 90 days, the first through Brainvest with 700m² and then with the company InVista with more than 160m² and in both cases we are very satisfied."
Brainvest and Invista
"Space was our partner of note 10 for all the work, design, execution and delivery of our office! It was super cool, I highly recommend them, they managed to deliver our work in record time. They are highly recommended by me and by everyone at Ipsos."
"Space showed an understanding of the vision we had for retrofitting our office right from the contracting stage. Quick response, effective technical solutions, flexibility, transparency... A wonderful partnership that met the challenging deadline and the high expectations of the office users. It was our first partnership, and I hope we'll have others!"

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