Flash App
total area:
850 m²
Construction time:
3 months

Flash recognizes that not all professional interactions require the formal setting of a traditional meeting room. That's why, when designing your office, we sought to create a variety of spaces that would offer flexibility and versatility to meet the diverse needs and activities of day-to-day life.

Flash's design approach was inspired by the idea of offering a variety of environments that could adapt to different types of interactions and tasks. Rather than limiting ourselves to formal meeting spaces, we opted to create a mix of areas, from informal brainstorming spaces to more relaxing breakout areas.

This diversity of environments not only provides greater flexibility for employees to carry out a variety of activities, but also serves as an incentive for them to explore and interact more with the space. Warm and inviting environments encourage collaboration, the sharing of ideas and teamwork, promoting a culture of innovation and creativity.