Understand to design.

The first step is to fully understand the identity and the necessities of each client. With this, we arrive at a functional design, both attractive and personalized, that reflects the values of the company and the characteristics of its people.

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Planning to build.

Our commitment is to deliver the entire project, with the desires to exceed your expectations, without surprises along the way. Throughout our history, we developed a series of management and control tools. We also count on highly qualified professionals to face the challenge of execution, respecting budget, quality, innovation and deadlines.

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Organize to transport.

Within the commitment to offer complete and personalized solutions, executing the change with ease and efficiency is essential. The corporate environment requires our team work in a coordinated manner in each stage of the operation, minimizing the operational risks and always maintaining transparency.

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Ease to store.

When we speak about care for details, we go beyond the traditional by also offering a space to store small, medium, and big volumes.

Our framework is strategically located near the highway Castelo Branco, river Tietê, river Pinheiros, highway Anhanguera and Rodoanel and ready to meet your needs.

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We work together to design, build and deliver the space that defines you.
Because this is the space that inspires us.
SpacePlan - We transform the way of working